This is the website of Tango La Zapada a school for Argentine Tango based in Utrecht.

bm klein jfWe are Birkit (Biki) and Muzaffer (Muzo) tango professionals since 1994. Apart from teaching at our school we teach workshops wherever we are invited (in the Netherlands and abroad). We also perform either solo or with a company and we choreograph for ourselves, others and for groups.
Although this site is mainly in Dutch we have some international information in English, check the buttons down below. About the rest of the info, we are happy to help you in English, Spanish, German or even a little bit of French. Mail us your questions and know that during classes we will make sure that you are able to understand everything necessary.

We hope to welcome you soon!



Tangoholiday Frayssinette (FR) july 8-14, 2018

Tangoholiday Bad Zwesten (G) july 21-27, 2018