This is the website of Tango La Zapada a school for Argentine Tango based in Utrecht.

bm klein jfWe are Birkit (Biki) and Muzaffer (Muzo) tango professionals since 1994. Apart from teaching at our school we teach workshops wherever we are invited (in the Netherlands and abroad). We also perform either solo or with a company and we choreograph for ourselves, others and for groups.
Although this site is mainly in Dutch we have some international information in English, check the buttons down below. About the rest of the info, we are happy to help you in English, Spanish, German or even a little bit of French. Mail us your questions and know that during classes we will make sure that you are able to understand everything necessary.

We hope to welcome you soon!



trial classes september 2020

courses fall 2020

Tango Coaching

Tangoholiday Vosges (FR) august 09/14, 2020

Covid regulations in short




Intensive starter workshop to see if you are into tango (or if the tango is into you).

SUNDAY 6 / 16:00-17:45 hrs.
MONDAY 7 / 19:00-20:45 hrs.

Want to know if the Argentine tango is made for you? Join one of our trials!
Would you like to dance Argentine tango but you’re without a dance partner? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you!

This trial class is a bit longer than a regular class, in this way there is enough practice time to really get to know this intriguing dance.

If you want to join this workshop you need a dancepartner, this does not have to be a person from your household. If you don’t have a dancepartner yet registration will only be valid after we were able to match you with a suitable dancepartner.

Costs: € 10,- per person (incl. coffee/tea during break)
Location: Catharijnesteeg 6, Utrecht
Reservations have to be made in advance, for example via this contact form.



COURSES fall 2020

Check our Dutch schedule for all the classes: Rooster cursussen utrecht

Help with the levels:
Basis = Basic, starters
Halfgevorderd = Intermediate
Gevorderd = Advanced
Vergevorderd = Último
(Levels are indications, feel free to ask more info!)



Tango Coaching

An intensive workshop (2,5 hours, and a 45 min. break in the middle) with a maximum of 6 couples. We start with some exercises for the whole group, but the main goal is to work with each couple individually. Like a private class, but since there are a more couples on the floor you actually have some time to practice what you learn before asking some other question. Check TangoCoaching for dates.



Covid regulations in short

We follow standard regulations given by the government and we follow the special protcol made for the dance sector.
We ask all participants to any of our classes in advance if they are healthy. We ask participants to wash hands before and after the class. Alcohol-gel is available for those who prefer that.
In classes you can only dance with a fixed partner, that does not have to be someone from your own household. As teachers we are allowed to and we do dance with all the participants if needed for te class. If you are unfomfortable with us dancing with you, you just have to let us know.
We do not support dancing with mouthmasks or gloves. If you feel unsafe without them, maybe it is a bit to soon for you to dance among a group of people.
Groups are smaller at the moment to make sure that we can maintain distance between the dancing couples on the dancefloor. There is a 15 minute break between the classes in order to have an empty room for the next group in line. Next to the dancefloor there are seats per couple at the right distance.
If you have any question, comments, doubts, feel free to let us know!
We hope to create a safe place for all kind of tangueros.